A Quick Overlook of Earbuds – Your Cheatsheet

Differences Between a Bluetooth Headset and an Earbud

Bluetooth gets a bad reputation in terms of sound quality, but for some of the higher end models they sound just as good as other wired counterparts. Despite this reputation, there are still a lot of people who would prefer this wireless device even if it is not a high end one because they feel that a wire is sort of a hindrance especially when doing activities like jogging, exercising, commuting, lying down, driving, or charging your phone on the other side of the room. Bluetooth frees you from being entangled or wired to your device and thus be preoccupied with those trappings instead of directing one’s attention to what is more important.

So much for the Bluetooth, but if we go to headphones or earphones we also have a problem on whether it is best that the phones are on the outer ear or is it better to insert it in your ears? Well, first of all earbuds they are lighter and far less bulky. In comparison with headphones, they are more portable. With earbuds, they can be worn anywhere because they sit in your ear canals and they don’t destroy your hairstyle, they don’t get in the way of your eyeglasses, and they don’t even entangle with your earrings because they don’t have mufflers that cover your ear like headphones do.

The quality of earbud sound is quite inferior especially the bass tones. They also don’t filter out external noise very well, so the tendency is to crank up the volume which can wreck your hearing.
The Path To Finding Better Earbuds

Most of those who complain about earbud earphones is that they find it hurting their ear canals while others simply cannot wear them because they always slip out of their ears. These are just some of the issues that users have with earbud earphones, otherwise, it is a great device which has many benefits from being small and wireless.
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If you want to listen to quality sound in a piece of music the way to do so is to get yourself a wired headphones. You can also enjoy great music with this at home. But if you are working out at the gym or commuting, Bluetooth earbuds are probably better.

Before purchasing what you think is best for you, you need to consider one more thing. With earbuds and headphones you have noise isolating devices but they are not noise cancelling ones. Noise isolating and noise cancelling are two different things. In a certain process that takes place inside the headphone or earphone, inverse waves are created which gets sound received from the outside and are fed back into the headphone or earbud. With the processes inside the phones, the sounds are cancelled out. With the complex processes going on inside the headphone and the earphone, these stray sounds are cancelled and not heard.